Community Pre-Launch Sprint

Official Trends Events

Thursday, June 16, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC


About this event

Hey Trendsters. 

In honor of my upcoming course on Maven, I'd love to help my community while refining my teaching. If you've been considering launching a community or have a current community that needs a little TLC, jump in and get to work.

We will cover all aspects of a pre-launch community plan, including:

-Choosing a community model to serve as your strategic starting point, tying it directly to your business goals. 

-Designing a community and social identity to attract your ideal members and more importantly, keep the wrong people out. 

-Creating member pathways and breaking down participation cycles to understand how to move members up the commitment curve.

- Choosing a platform that serves your unique community model. Don't fall in love with features you don't need.

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