AMA with Jordan DiPietro, Head of The Hustle

Official Trends Events

Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM UTC


About this event

Your opportunity to learn from a world-class entrepreneur in the media space (and our boss!), Jordan DiPietro.

Jordan is the Head of The Hustle and VP of Hubspot Media. That means he leads HubSpot’s blog, YouTube channels, Podcast Network, Creator Program, The Hustle Daily Newsletter, and of course, Trends.

Previously, he was Chief Growth Officer for The Motley Fool and helped grow the subscription business to several hundred million (read that again). At various points, he oversaw all content and SEO, paid channels, demand generation, copywriting, product, & international expansion (UK, Germany, Canada).

Things you should ask Jordan:

  • How he got Sam knocking on his door asking him to be CEO of The Hustle
  • What he learned running 1,000+ growth experiments for The Motley Fool
  • How he then launched a new startup/product during his time there
  • Anything and everything media related. Especially B2C.
  • What's most important in content distribution strategies
  • Launching startups on the side (and how he finds time to do it!)

  • How he’s built world-class teams & what he's learned about leadership along the way

  • What's next in the Creator Economy, podcasting, and the strategy behind HubSpot's creator Program

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